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snapshot recovery error

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  • 1.  snapshot recovery error

    Posted 05-29-2020 23:32

    Hello all,

    i've recently upgraded my ex3400 to 18.2r3.s3. After upgrade trying to perform "request system snapshot recovery"


    Creating image ...
    Compressing image ...
    mkuzip: write(/var/tmp/.snap.11337/recovery.ufs.uzip): No space left on device


    Above is the error triggered, already performed "request system storage cleanup" and "request system recover oam"

    still same error.  can someone guide me? how to resolve this issue?




  • 2.  RE: snapshot recovery error

    Posted 05-29-2020 23:52

    Hi madhutraining,


    Can you try to manually check what files are in the /var/tmp. In case you have image files and previous snapshots or config files that you don't need on the device, you can try deleting those or taking a backup of those and then deleting.


    mkuzip: write(/var/tmp/.snap.11337/recovery.ufs.uzip). While the snapshot was being zipped, the device triggered low memory. You can also check "show system storage extensive" and "show chassis routing-engine" to know what is the available memory on the device.


    Hope this helps 🙂


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  • 3.  RE: snapshot recovery error

    Posted 05-30-2020 01:49

    Thanks for your time and suggestions 🙂

    issue got resolved after removing the old Junos fiels under "/packages/db"


  • 4.  RE: snapshot recovery error
    Best Answer

    Posted 05-30-2020 00:13

    Hi Madhu,


    Good day!!


    As per note i understand that you cannot create recovery snapshot because there is no space left on device.

    Please try the following KB to free space from your device :



    Request system storage cleanup (won’t clean under /root). Delete any user files stored here.

    Check space utilization: du -sh * and check if any particular directory is taking up space and clean up accordingly.

    Delete previous snapshots:

    Check if there are any previous non-recovery snapshot by using the following command:
    root> show system snapshot
    Snapshot snap.19700101.000541:
    Location: /packages/sets/snap.19700101.000541
    Creation date: Jan 1 00:05:45 1970
    Junos version: 15.1X53-D55.5

    Delete any non-recovery snapshots that are present by issuing the following command:
    root> request system snapshot delete <name of snapshot>

    root> request system snapshot delete snap.19700101.000541
    NOTICE: Snapshot 'snap.19700101.000541' deleted successfully

    Please note that the snapshot name is not auto-completed. You have to input the name of the snapshot manually.

    For post performing storage cleanup, manually delete the existing installation directory using the following steps:

    login to shell as root and perform
    root@EX23xx> start shell
    root@EX23xx:RE:0% pkg setop rm previous
    root@EX23xx:RE:0% pkg delete old
    root@EX23xx:RE:0% cd /packages/sets/
    root@EX23xx:RE:0% ls <-- Ensure "Previous" folder is not there and delete if present.
    root@EX23xx:RE:0% cd ..
    root@EX23xx:RE:0% cd db
    root@EX23xx:RE:0% pwd
    root@EX23xx:RE:0% ls *junos-arm*
    +COMMENT +INSTALL manifest manifest.esig packages.xml
    +CONTENTS +REQUIRE manifest.certs manifest.sig scripts
    +DESC contents manifest.ecerts package.xml upgrade

    contents manifest.certs manifest.esig package.xml scripts
    manifest manifest.ecerts manifest.sig packages.xml
    root@EX23xx:RE:0% rm -rf junos-arm-32-15.1X53-D57.3.




    During a maintenance window or after working hour, reboot only member 0 with the command.
    request system reboot member 0 Then try performing the snapshot:
    > request system snapshot recovery member 0 , 


    If the error is still present try to upgarade the device for below version.





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    Suraj Rao