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NAT on EX9251

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  • 1.  NAT on EX9251

    Posted 12-17-2019 14:26

    Given that an EX9251 is emulating an MX204, is it possible for NAT to be utilised on the service interface?


    So, set up as follows:


    Laptop VLAN 200 --> xe-1/1/1.200 (Layer 2) EX IRB (Layer 3 GW address) - NAT - si-1/1/1 ---> Internet


    The si interfaces as follows:


    si-1/1/1.1 inside

    si-1/1/1.2 outside


    If information from 3rd parties is correct, it is like some of the NAT is working and for others it is not.


    As an add on, the VLAN is in a VXLAN.


    I can ping the IRB gateway address from the laptop but if I try to ping I do not see any NAT occuring.


    Can you confirm that "show services nat" is the correct stanza for viewing live nat translations on an EX9251 please?

  • 2.  RE: NAT on EX9251
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    Posted 12-18-2019 02:19

    To my knowledge inline NAT is not qualified for the EX9251 - it could technically work but it would not be supported by JTAC.


    Secondly you have to remember that only static inline NAT is supported by the Trio chipset. To do source or destination NAT with multiple IPs hiding behind one, you need a MS-MPC or MS-MIC which are only supported on MX80/104/240/480/960.