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    Posted 07-14-2020 10:50
    Can somebody help me with JBS license. Where will I find license? I am looking for links which guide me to install the license onto my switches. Thanks

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    Posted 07-14-2020 10:59

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    Posted 07-15-2020 08:34

    Hi drazzel.beryn,


    What is the device that you are trying to install the license on? Is it QFX5200?


    There are 3 varieties of disaggregated licenses which are listed below:

    Here, the Junos OS software is disaggregated from the hardware.

    JBS: JBS-SKU which includes Foundations, L2 Switching, L3 Routing, Multicast, Automation/ Programmability, Monitoring.
    JAS: JAS-SKU which includes JBS and BGP, Overlay.
    JPS: JPS-SKU which includes JAS and MPLS, L2VPN/L3VPN, L2CCT, MPLS EVPN.

    The disaggregated software feature licenses are only applicable to QFX5200-32C devices. For QFX5200-48Y devices, the base software features are included with the device.


    Users may purchase the JBS license to use basic functions, but they do not need to install the license key in Junos OS Release 15.1X53-D30. JBS basic functions work with this release without installing the license key. However, they will need to install the license key in a future release of Junos OS to be determined, so make sure to retain the authorization code you received from the license portal to generate a license key for the JBS license. If the license is not installed, the system triggers the log messages and throws the active alarm.


    Reach out to https://iam-signin.juniper.net/app/junipernetworksinc_licensemanagementsystemlms_1/exk1i8a505aKVYAVh0h8/sso/saml

    to get help with licenses.


    Note: The existing features will continue to work as expected as per Juniper License Policy but installing a license is recommended.


    If you require either Junos Base Software (JBS) license or Junos Advanced Software (JAS) license, contact Customer Care for purchase. If you do not require to purchase the licenses and want to avoid the logs, then try  filtering them by referring to  KB9382 - How to prevent certain syslog messages from being written to the log file


    As mentioned above, the license is only applicable to QFX5200-32C devices. For QFX5200-48Y, these alarms should not be triggered. In cases where the license is purchased and applied, there should not be an alarm. But if you still see an active alarm, check the following:

    user@host> show system license
    License usage:
                           Licenses     Licenses    Licenses    Expiry
      Feature name             used    installed      needed
      bgp                         1            1              permanent
      isis                        0            1              permanent
      vxlan                       1            1              permanent
      ovsdb                       0            1              permanent

     The above output indicates that there is no license needed to run the listed features.


    Please decide if you actually need these licenses.


    Check more: https://www.juniper.net/documentation/en_US/release-independent/licensing/topics/topic-map/software_features_that_require_licenses.html#id-disaggregated-software-features-that-require-licenses-on-the-qfx-series


    Hope this helps 🙂


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