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Juniper SRX Upgrade Paths

  • 1.  Juniper SRX Upgrade Paths

    Posted 11-16-2018 10:13



    I have a few firewall upgrades scheduled for the weekend - I'm wondering if this following upgrade paths are acceptable? Unfortunately there's not any good documentation on upgrade paths between different versions. 


    I have the following scheduled:

    Hardware: RE-SRX210HE

    Software: JUNOS 12.1R4.8

    Upgrade Version: 



    Hardware: RE-SRX210HE2

    Software: 12.1X46-D55.3

    Upgrade Version: 



    Can I upgrade directly to these versions? Or are there in-between steps I have to take?


    If Juniper would release some detailed documentation for this type of situation, it would be a lot easier to determine upgrade paths.

  • 2.  RE: Juniper SRX Upgrade Paths

    Posted 11-16-2018 10:53

    Please note that your first device is a SRX210HE which will not run 12.3X48 due to memory constrains. You will need to go with Junos 12.1X46-D77 for this one.


    In general you can jump a maximum of three major releases and it has been difficult to figure out pre-17.x, especially with the X-releases for swiches and firewalls.


    In your case you should be able to upgrade directly from 12.1R4 to 12.1X46-D77 and from 12.1X46-D55 to 12.3X48-D75.

  • 3.  RE: Juniper SRX Upgrade Paths

    Posted 11-17-2018 04:57

    For the older branch platforms like the SRX210 the this tech service bulliten outlines the version limitations.




    In the more general sense Junos release notes outline the version upgrade limitations which in include the note about compatibility.  You select from the documentation area the release notes for the version of interest.


    Then go to the Migration, Upgrade, Downgrade section.




    These also give details on fixed issues, known issues and changes in Junos behavior that are helpful to review.