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JDP (Cisco CDP)

  • 1.  JDP (Cisco CDP)

    Posted 06-20-2008 03:03

    Don't think Juniper has a version of JDP same as cisco CDP.  It would be nice.  Anyone know of
    anything in the works or something I am missing?



    Masood Ahmad Shah

    BLOG: http://www.weblogs.com.pk/jahil/


  • 2.  RE: JDP (Cisco CDP)

    Posted 06-20-2008 04:33

    Hello Masood,


    There is a vendor-neutral standard called Link-Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) ratified as IEEE 802.1AB.

    Juniper supports it today but only in the EX-series ethernet switches:



    Having it in JUNOS (for other platforms than the EX-series) makes sense (to me) and might be seen in the future. If there is a business requirement, please mention it to your account team.




  • 3.  RE: JDP (Cisco CDP)

    Posted 06-15-2011 11:52

    We support LLDP on the J and SRX platforms with 10.1 and higher.  Limitation is that it is only supported on switch interfaces, not routed.

  • 4.  RE: JDP (Cisco CDP)

    Posted 01-18-2018 09:14

    Thanks Adam, this was helpful. I've been running the lldp command and only few interface neighbors were visible and i didn't understand why. Now i do understand that those are switched interfaces.


    Kind regards


  • 5.  RE: JDP (Cisco CDP)

    Posted 06-15-2011 21:49
    Hi, also can chime in: LLDP is supported on MX since 9.6 Best Regards Ulf

  • 6.  RE: JDP (Cisco CDP)

    Posted 12-10-2012 09:22

    I do like to see a cdp for junos. In a mixed environment of Cisco Juniper how would one discover it's Cisco neighbors? What do you folks use? lldp is very nice to discover Juniper devices.


  • 7.  RE: JDP (Cisco CDP)

    Posted 12-10-2012 10:03
    LLDP is a standard which is configurable on cisco devices too:

    this is for cat4k, you should be able to find such documents for other platforms too.

  • 8.  RE: JDP (Cisco CDP)

    Posted 12-12-2012 18:38

    "LLDP is nice for seeing Juniper devices"... LLDP is an open standard. It is great for seeing IP Phone configuration parameters also, such as Avaya for example. CDP on the otherhands, like FDP on Foundry/Brocade is aproprietary protocol with lesser capabilities than LLDP/LLDP-MED. One obscure feature I do like in CDP though is ODR (On Demand Routing) which is kind of a light weight routing protocol for hub and spoke networks that only requires CDP. Not sure many people know of that feature. Might be quite interesting to see Juniper enable something similar using LLDP perhaps.