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Fusion EDGE Satellite onboarding

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  • 1.  Fusion EDGE Satellite onboarding

    Posted 08-30-2018 01:27



    I am having problems getting some QFX5100-SH boxes ( the ones that come preloaded as satellites ) to join an MX10003 as a FUSION EDGE aggregator.


    I have used the same model satellite devices on an MX480 in the same config without any problems.

    both MX platforms are also using the same JUNOS load.


    on the MX10003 the satellites state ProvSessionDN.

    There is "limited" documentation on what this problem is apart from it is an uncommon problem.  Yes I am feeling  blessed.


    I have opened a TAC case, whilst they get into gear around I wanted to see if anyone here had encountered this problem and had a solution.






  • 2.  RE: Fusion EDGE Satellite onboarding
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    Posted 10-13-2018 10:55
    I had the hyper-mode xonfigured. This means that the config is accepted but in practice doesn't work.

    Maybe an error when I committed would have saved me a boatload of time