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STP Discarding State

  • 1.  STP Discarding State

    Posted 01-11-2019 08:38

    Hi there

    how do I change the state of this? I think this is why the interface will not coming up.


    Logical          Vlan          TAG     MAC         STP         Logical           Tagging
    interface        members               limit       state       interface flags
    ge-1/0/22.0                            16384                    DN                untagged
                     PPALHVAC      2606    16384       Discarding                     untagged

  • 2.  RE: STP Discarding State

    Posted 01-13-2019 05:14

    This is telling you there is another port in STP that is forwarding and this one is down because enabling it would create a layer 2 loop.  This is the protocol working in the background not a configuration state you can change directly.


    You will need to identify all the layer 2 connections for STP in the topology and figure out if the automatic selection by these default criteria is  what you want or not.  If not, then adjustment of parameters in STP will be needed to shift the forwarding port status to the desired link.