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l2ciruit MPLS scenario

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  • 1.  l2ciruit MPLS scenario

    Posted 08-13-2017 17:42


    Hi every body.


    I have some questions:


    Below we have two CE, we want to provide PTP ( E0MPLS) CKTS for these CE.


    I understand the other configuration that are needed  such as LDP, protool l2 circuit neighbor etc.   I just need to know the following:


    CE1 ---g0/0/0.0 PE1 f0/0/0.0------------f0/0/0.0 P f0/0/1.0-----------f0/0/1.0 PE2 g0/0/0.0-----CE2


     PE1 and PE2 must acept all ethernet traffic tagged or untagged from CE.


    1)  Will the ommand " set interface g0/0/0.0 encapsulation ethernet-cccc "  cause PE to accept all untagged/tagged ethernet frame from CE?


    2) On PE, Do I have to enable " Set protcol mpls interfce f0/0/0.0" only i.e  on Core facing intreface or do I have to enable it on CE facing interface too?




    Thanks and have a nice weekend!!










  • 2.  RE: l2ciruit MPLS scenario
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    Posted 08-13-2017 23:47

    1.  https://www.juniper.net/documentation/en_US/junos/topics/usage-guidelines/mpls-configuring-layer-2-switching-cross-connects-using-ccc.html


    Aggregated Ethernet interfaces configured without VLAN tagging can be configured only with the ethernet-ccc encapsulation. All untagged Ethernet packets received are forwarded based on the CCC parameters.


    2. enable " Set protcol mpls interfce f0/0/0.0" only on Core facing intrefaces. MPLS forwarding is not needed for CE facing IFLs.


    Mark this as acceped solution if this clarified your query.




  • 3.  RE: l2ciruit MPLS scenario

    Posted 08-14-2017 06:28

    Thanks for your response Smartm.


    One still not cleared about the CCC:


    For example:


    In Cisco , EoMPLS, (PTP)  we can have PE to accept:


    1) To accept all frames, untagged/tagged, (aka port based )

    2) To accept frames with particular tag/tags ( aka vlan based)



    What are juniper equivalents for above cases?


    I believe for 2nd case, we can use:

    interfaces {
    type-fpc/pic/port {
    encapsulation vlan-ccc;
    unit logical-unit-number {
    encapsulation vlan-ccc;
    vlan-id vlan-id;



    Not sure about the first case if we can not use encapsulation-ccc under the physical interface to do that i.e


    ge0/0/0 encapsulation-ccc