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Configure Management IP Address

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  • 1.  Configure Management IP Address

    Posted 03-15-2018 13:37



    I know this is an oft asked question, I did already try searching The Google as well as this forum, to no avail, so now I'm posting a new (probably duplicate) thread!


    I'm new to Juniper, and I'm trying to figure out how to set the bridge's IP address for in-band management. It was working after initial setup, but then after a reboot it was complaining about not being able to commit due to the same IP address configured to multiple devices so I deleted the offending line, now I'm not able to reach the switch's web interface, telnet, ping, etc.


    I'm not using the physical out-of-band management interface, so if I understand correctly I shouldn't be doing anything with "me0"? I tried "set interfaces vlan unit 0 family inet address" and "set interfaces irb unit 0 family inet address" but was still unable to reach the switch via network. Does it need a reboot after setting an IP address?


    I originally configured it using J-Web "Voice VLAN" option, so it's got one vlan explicitly defined, voice-vlan vlan-id 32.


    Ethernet switching is working fine, ports explicitly set "interface-mode access, vlan members 32" correctly work only with the VoIP gear on VLAN 32, and every other port correctly lets LLDP put computers in default vlan and VoIP phones in vlan 32.


    This is the only switch on the network, EX-2300

  • 2.  RE: Configure Management IP Address

    Posted 03-15-2018 14:14


    You can configure management IP address in the layer3 vlan. No reboot is needed.


    Please refer to the below KB for configuration.

    EX-series switch Layer 3 routed VLAN configuration.


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  • 3.  RE: Configure Management IP Address
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    Posted 03-15-2018 17:13

    Basically the vlan.x and the irb.x interfaces are alternatives to each other.  vlan from the original layer 2 services and irb used by switches running ELS (enhanced layer 2 services).  Based on this it looks like the ex2300 uses ELS.




    There are two parts to the configuration both need to be done to activate the interface.

    enable the layer 3 interface in the vlan

    set vlans vlan-name l3-interface irb.x


    then configure the irb interface as you show above

    set interface irb unit x family inet address x.x.x.x/x


  • 4.  RE: Configure Management IP Address

    Posted 03-16-2018 08:45



    Thank you both for your helpful input.


    I ended up explicitly adding the 'default' VLAN to the vlans section, set it's vlan id to 1 (apparently you can't set l3-interface irb.x on VLANs without a vlan-id), and set it's associated layer-3 interface as irb.0; then set internet address on irb.0.


    set vlans default vlan-id 1

    set vlans default l3-interface irb.0

    set interfaces irb unit 0 family inet address