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Configuring authentication methods

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  • 1.  Configuring authentication methods

    Posted 07-04-2017 10:31

    Hi everybody.

    In Cisco/Brocade, we can specify how a router should use  supplied credentials against local database, or radius. We can also specify the order i.e check local database first, if it fails, try radius.


    Let say I want  Juniper router to check local data base first then radius server to verify suppplied credentials, how can we do that on Juniper?


    Thanks and have a nice day!!

  • 2.  RE: Configuring authentication methods
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    Posted 07-04-2017 12:45



    On a Juniper router, you can configure authentication-order under [edit systems]  like below to specify the order. Password means local password. The order of authentication is from left to right so first local login then radius.


    lab# run show configuration system

    authentication-order [  password radius ];  



    Specify one or more of the following authentication methods in the preferred order, from first tried to last tried:

    • radius—Verify the user using RADIUS authentication services
    • tacplus—Verify the user using TACACS+ authentication services.
    • password—Verify the user using the username and password configured locally by including the authentication statement at the [edit system login user] hierarchy level.

    Please find the link below for more details:








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