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MX mvpn mldp profiles

  • 1.  MX mvpn mldp profiles

    Posted 11-04-2020 06:56

    Hi Community,

    I wonder if you could guide me, actually I would like to know if MX (any version) has support for MVPN with the following:

    • Partitioned MDT – MLDP P2MP – BGP AD (auto discovery)– BGP CMCAST Signaling (Profile 14)
    • Partitioned MDT – MLDP MP2MP – BGP AD (auto discovery) – BGP CMCAST Signaling (Profile 15)

    In case of not having the previous Support, which options are available apart from draft-rosen (Profile 0), that have compatibility with Cisco devices.


    In case of having the support, could you show what the configuration of 1 PE would be like taking into consideration the following:

    o Routing-instance : A
    o RT : 1:1
    o Customer interface: ge-0/0/2
    o Core interface: ge-0/0/1, Lo0
    o MPLS: LDP
    o CORE: no PIM



    thanks in advance

  • 2.  Re: MX mvpn mldp profiles

    Posted 11-04-2020 07:50


    The tested CSCO IOSXR-JUNOS interoperable configuration for BGP MVPN with mLDP is described and discussed in this book


    Pages 220-247