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EX2200-C No Console Access

  • 1.  EX2200-C No Console Access

    Posted 10-12-2020 01:44



    I have an EX2200-C-12P witch no console output.

    I noticed the problem earlier, but I still had SSH access through the management IP when it was still configured.

    I thought it was a software issue, so I did a "request system zeroise", expecting that the console port would work again.

    Sadly this wasn't the case. Blank console with serial en mini-USB cable. Nothing, not even during boot. It really seems there's something wrong with the console connection. (I have an identical switch where I have no problems at all. So the serial settings are correct.)

    I am able to access J-Web on it's default IP ( or depending on which port I connect: ge-0/0/0 or MGMT), but then it shows the following error:

    J-Web is not supported on this device model.

    Accessing the EZ-Setup url ( shows the first step of the wizard, but does not continue.

    Is there any way to SSH to these management IP's? This is blocked by default.

    I could install J-Web again to perform the EZ-Setup, but need SSH access to do so.


    With no J-Web, and no SSH or console access, I'm left with an expensive unmanaged switch.


    Any help is appreciated.


  • 2.  Betreff: EX2200-C No Console Access

    Posted 10-12-2020 07:17

    Hello Jeroen,


    if the console port of every other device works fine except of this single device, I'd recommend you to RMA this device with Juniper or directly at your reseller, as it seems that the console port has a hardware issue. A console port is always necessary as a last resort, or if you need to perform a recovery installation due to a corrupt JUNOS.


    By the way, please note that EX2200-C-12P is announced EOL:



    This means that you just get software security fixes until June 30th 2022.