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Really struggling with day one setup in ESXi 6.7 with 18.2R1.9

  • 1.  Really struggling with day one setup in ESXi 6.7 with 18.2R1.9

    Posted 23 days ago
    I have followed Chapter 6 of v2 Day One Guide Getting Started with vMX on VMware, while referencing the online <juniper website>/documentation/us/en/software/vmx/vmx-vmware/topics/topic-map/vmx-installing-on-vmware.html

    I've tried to use the other chapters in the Day One Guide to troubleshoot but hitting major blockers

    It seems the Internal Connection to VFP is not working? (FPC 0 empty)

    I also still cannot SSH to VCP. I had to delete fxp0 on the VCP due to a dhcp error on edit when I was trying to set an IP address. I then have set a newly added static IP on a re-created fxp0 (and then also disabled dhcp-service) but still cannot ssh from externally. My assigned IP is in same subnet
    I see no way to confirm the virtual management interface on the VCP (interface fxp0) is bridged to the physical host management interface.

    David Glynn