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Interface config is false

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  • 1.  Interface config is false

    Posted 12-10-2018 01:36

    Hi all,


    This is an issue I'm sure I can sort out, but thought I would post here.


    I have created 4 x vMX in lite-mode and all running okay. I have created an aggregated interface on vmx1 and vmx2 and linked them together and they work, no problem. Now I have created interface ge-0/0/4 on both vmx2 and vmx4 and set IP Addresses in a /30 on both ends ( and no communication between them. However, here is the strange part, if I configure on ge-0/0/4 vmx2 and on ge-0/0/5 vmx4 then I can ping both ends.... very weird as that is not configured at all..... heres the relevant part from the configs:



    - interface : ge-0/0/4
    mac-address : "02:06:0A:0E:FF:F8"
    description : "ge-0/0/4 interface"



    - interface : ge-0/0/4
    mac-address : "02:06:0A:0E:FF:F8"
    description : "ge-0/0/4 interface"



    - link_name : vmx_link7
    endpoint_1 :
    - type : junos_dev
    vm_name : vmx2
    dev_name : ge-0/0/4
    endpoint_2 :
    - type : junos_dev
    vm_name : vmx4
    dev_name : ge-0/0/4


    And then restarted both vmx and completed a sudo ./vmx.sh --bind-dev just in case the binding needed completed.


    As you can see, there is no link between vmx2 ge-0/0/4 and vmx4 ge-0/0/5 ..... strange behaviour. Anyway, it's liveable with and, as I mentioned, I am sure that I can work out what is happening, but just thought I would ask if anyone has seen this before?


    OS = Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

    Junos = 18.3 


  • 2.  RE: Interface config is false
    Best Answer

    Posted 12-10-2018 02:43

    It's all good.... got it working now.....


    The MAC addresses cannot, obviously, be the same..... However, trying to get one that fits within the range the vmx recognises was a little trickier, but it's just a test and try procedure.....


    So, change MAC address on one of them.....