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VMX license exipiration, my lab is down

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  • 1.  VMX license exipiration, my lab is down

    Posted 01-10-2019 15:05

    Hello Guys,


    I used a trial VMX license for 60 days and everything was working nice and easy and I could train myself. Now the license has expired and I can no longer used the lab. So I'm wondering how do I proceed to reinstall the lab, do I have to format the hard drive and reinstall the linux from scratch and then install VmX. Or is it possible to just de-install the VMX software  and reinstall it again (on a different folder) using the same license key ?

    Also we are a big juniper customer, and I'm wondering if there is a specific Vmx license I can ask to our Juniper Account manager in order to be able to use the VMX without any time limitation.


    Many thanks in advance.

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    Posted 01-10-2019 19:02



    At the end of the 60 day time period forwarding will stop or be reduced to 1Mbps unless a new (non-used license on that particular instance) is installed either before or after the expiration.


    The other way around this is to delete the instance and then re-create it from scratch and the 60-day license may work again as it is countdown license from the first/initial boot of the instance. Basically delete everything and start again from scatch.

    In case if that work around doesn't aid you, you perhaps should reach out to your SE (Sales Engineer) or Account teams to renew license. Reach out customer care for demo license is anothe option but i guess they may not entertain much as demo license period expries that are bound to customer account id.