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Load balancing over LSP on MX

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  • 1.  Load balancing over LSP on MX

    Posted 06-06-2020 22:03

    Hi everybody,

    I am trying to understand how traffic can be load balanced over two LSP .

    I stumbled upon this Juniper KB:




    As per link, following is configured on ingress Chewie:

    forwarding-options {
        hash-key {
            family mpls {
                payload {


    lab@Chewie> show route forwarding-table destination 
    Routing table: inet
    Destination        Type RtRef Next hop           Type Index NhRef Netif        user     0                    ulst 262143     1
                                                    Push 299824       t1-2/0/1.0
                                                    Push 299808       t1-2/0/0.0

    Above we see Chewie will load balance traffic destined to over two LSP.


    Are we saying:

    1) if Chewie ( ingress LSR) receives MPLS labled packets , it will use MPLS lable1 , label2 and ip load to compute hash key for load balacing?

    If above is true, how about traffic which is not labelled ?  for example, Igress LSR ( Chewie) issues pings to , which is not labelled yet , how Chewie load balance traffic over these two LSP as there is no MPLS lablels but our load balancing configuration , as shown in forwarding option at the start of this post,  says please factor MPLS label1 , label2 and IP pay load to compute hash?


    Thanks and have a good night!!



  • 2.  RE: Load balancing over LSP on MX
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    Posted 06-06-2020 22:32


    You found a VERY OLD article 🙂


    Load-balancing traffic over RSVP-based MPLS Label-switched paths (LSPs)