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Management Interface

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  • 1.  Management Interface

    Posted 12-18-2018 01:22

    I am sure this must be an easy one to answer....


    Is there a way of making another port, other than fxp0, the management interface for external access so I can test jflow?





  • 2.  RE: Management Interface
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    Posted 12-18-2018 01:26



    In general fxp0 is only used for management access. 


    To use Jflow you can use any of the ge/xe interface.

  • 3.  RE: Management Interface

    Posted 12-18-2018 01:58

    Okay. Cool. I know the fxp is the management but jflow won't work through that interface.


    It's all good. I've configuerd a routable address onto a GE interfaces and tested and it works great. Cheers.