• 1.  MPLS Label Ranges

    Posted 03-04-2021 01:42

    Hi everyone.


    Is there any document that tells me the MPLS label ranges for various applications such as LSI, VPNs, etc.


    The command below tells me the number of labels in each range... but since they don't add up to the complete number of available MPLS labels, they don't tell me the actual ranges.


    jcluser@vMX-addr-0# run show mpls label usage

    Label space Total   Available        Applications

    LSI         69609   69609  (100.00%) BGP/LDP VPLS with no-tunnel-services, BGP L3VPN with vrf-table-label

    Block       199936  199936 (100.00%) BGP/LDP VPLS with tunnel-services, BGP L2VPN

    Dynamic     487936  487936 (100.00%) RSVP, LDP, PW, L3VPN, RSVP-P2MP, LDP-P2MP, MVPN, EVPN, BGP

    Static      48576   48576  (100.00%) Static LSP, Static PW




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