Link/ service failure detection.

  • 1.  Link/ service failure detection.

    Posted 02-10-2021 08:28
    Good Day, we are running ISIS over a external service provider. The issue we have is every once in a while our traffic is getting black holed because the link degrades to such an extend that no traffic passed, well almost. It however seems that broadcast traffic still works when i do a bcast ping aswell as ISIS remains up and is receiving keep alive. As this the prefered patch via IGP metric you can see the problem. Another issue is on the one side the service is access and on the other side it is a trunk, so LACP and BFD only runs natively over Ethernet links. We are you using MX routers and RMP does not work the same as SRX so that is not an option either. We do have a backup service provider to the same destination router so it is a full ring topology.