Juniper documentation question

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    Posted 06-19-2021 02:25

    I came across the following ;

    "Verify that the router LSA originated by the instance carries the sham link adjacency as an unnumbered point-to-point link. The link data for sham links is a number ranging from 0x80010000 through 0x8001ffff."   

    user@PE1> show ospf database instance red 
        OSPF database, Area
     Type       ID               Adv Rtr           Seq      Age  Opt  Cksum  Len 
    Router          0x80000009  1803  0x22 0x6ec7  72
    Router          0x80000007    70  0x22 0x2746  72
    Router  *          0x80000006    55  0x22 0xda6b  60
    Router          0x80000005    63  0x22 0xb19   60
    Network          0x80000002    70  0x22 0x9a71  32
        OSPF AS SCOPE link state database
     Type       ID               Adv Rtr           Seq      Age  Opt  Cksum  Len 
    Extern          0x80000002    72  0xa2 0x343   36
    Extern  *          0x80000002    71  0xa2 0xe263  36

    Based on the line above, which sequence number indicates the link data for sham links ?

    thanks !!