• 1.  Cannot form VC on MX480?

    Posted 01-19-2021 00:13
    Hi all,

    Is it necessary both MX480 connected each other before i execute command "request virtual-chassis member-id set member 0?" Also i already add license VC. Below is error that i get.

    root@member0-re0> request virtual-chassis member-id set member 0
    This command will enable virtual-chassis mode and reboot the system.
    Continue? [yes,no] (no) yes

    WARNING. Virtual Chassis command executed without
    a valid software license.
    Please contact Juniper Networks to obtain a
    valid Virtual Chassis Software License.
    error: Command aborted. VC configuration synch to backup RE in progress, try after 120 secs.

    Example: Configuring Interchassis Redundancy for MX Series 5G Universal Routing Platforms Using a Virtual Chassi

    Thanks and appreciate any help