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Mysterious EVPN routes

  • 1.  Mysterious EVPN routes

    Posted 05-24-2021 11:03

    Hello everyone!


    I have the following EVPN+MPLS topology:


    PE1 ---- P ---- PE2


    I see these particular routes in PE1's mpls table:


    66       *[EVPN/7] 1d 19:18:09, remote-pe, routing-instance EVPN1, route-type Egress-MAC

              > to via ge-0/0/0.100, Push 49, Push 17(top)

    67       *[EVPN/7] 1d 19:18:09, remote-pe, routing-instance EVPN1, route-type Egress-IM, vlan-id 610

              > to via ge-0/0/0.100, Push 55, Push 17(top)



    I understand the presence of the following labels:

    49:  label in Type 2 routes received from PE2

    55:  label in Type 3 route received from PE2

    17:  transport label to get to PE2


    However, neither label 66 nor 67 has been advertised or received by PE1 – neither via BGP nor LDP.


    So where have labels 66 and 67 come from?




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  • 2.  RE: Mysterious EVPN routes

    Posted 08-02-2021 07:01
    This is should be the local label that is created in order to create the forwarding action in the mpls.0 table. IOS-XR also does the same, it assigns a local-label and advertise it downstream for the particular MPLS application being executed.