Undefined code points in a classifier.

  • 1.  Undefined code points in a classifier.

    Posted 12-17-2020 07:02

    Hi all.

    I have applied a custom dscp classifier to an interface. the classifier defines what to do with 4 different dscp code points. (I have not imported the default dscp classifier).

    class-of-service {
         classifiers {
             dscp custom-ipv4-classifier {
                   forwarding-class best-effort {
                         loss-priority high code-points 000000;
                         loss-priority low code-points 000001;
                  forwarding-class expedited-forwarding {
                         loss-priority low code-points 101110;
                         loss-priority high code-points 101111;




    What happens when traffic with codepoints other than the above 4 are received? Are they mapped by default to a forwarding class or a queue?