VRF.inet.0 route into bgp.evpn.0 - CBR Design

  • 1.  VRF.inet.0 route into bgp.evpn.0 - CBR Design

    Posted 01-25-2021 15:19
    I have a scenario where I need to get a /32 host route that exist in a instance-type VRF (vrf.inet.0) but this same vrf serves as the L3GW vrf for the evpn-vxlan instance(instance-type virtual-switch...(this is a vlan-aware instance)).  I have all of the vxlan connectivity working inside the evpn-vxlan and the connectivity within the VRF is working, but I can not get this /32 host in the VRF to be accessible to the host inside the evpn-vxlan virtual-switch instance.  The irb interface (when sourced) can ping host in each instance but  not /32 host(vrf.inet.0) to host in evpn-vxlan instance(bgp.evpn.0).  Is there a "knob" i'm missing?  I've tried playing around w/ route-targets as well, but to no avail.  Any insight/thoughts/help would be greatly appreciated!!