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L3VPN - BGP Automated route-leaking between VRFs

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  • 1.  L3VPN - BGP Automated route-leaking between VRFs

    Posted 11-23-2021 22:56

    I've got a situation where, as a MSP between two DCs, I've got multiple customers that are all own their own L3VPN over MPLS / EVPN.

    I have created a shared VRF and successfully been able to import / export between. the Shared VRF and each customer, but my question is. Is there a "faster" more automated way of doing this without having to edit the "Shared-Import" VRF-import policy for each customer?

    Ie, this is what I have now. 

    Ie, Shared VRF has "Shared-Import" applied under that VRF as "vrf-import"

    Then, each customer (via an apply-groups) is importing Global-Shared-Import

    This results in CustA and CustB reaching something inside Shared VRF, but CustA/B cannnot communicate to each other. 

    That's what I want, but again, I was wondering if there was a more efficient way to do this?

    show policy-options policy-statement Shared-Import
    from community [ Shared CustB CustA ];
    then accept;
    show policy-options policy-statement Global-Shared-Import
    term A {
        from community Shared;
        then accept;