Multicast vmx // PIM Register Blocked

  • 1.  Multicast vmx // PIM Register Blocked

    Posted 12-29-2020 05:37

    Hi Team, 

    I have a lab with 2 vmx 17.3R3.  A Linux iperf source host injects udp traffic and other remote host subscribes to this group. 

    This is the path:

    Source( -> R1 -> R2 (RP -> Receiver

    R2 is the  RP for mcast group

    Traffic is locked in pe-0/0/0.98317 interface instead lt-0/0/0.11 

    ping works between the source and receiver

    ping works from source to the RP

    Mcast tree is not signaled to logical tunnel interface


    set chassis fpc 0 pic 0 tunnel-services bandwidth 10g
    set chassis tfeb slot 0 sampling-instance ipfix
    set chassis network-services enhanced-ip

    Traffic is not forwarding to routing instance of R1. Downstream interface should be the logical tunnel lt-0/0/0.11

    root@R1# run show multicast route logical-system LS    

    Instance: master Family: INET



        Upstream interface: ge-0/0/0.7

        Downstream interface list:


    root@R1> show pim neighbors logical-system LS

    Interface           IP V Mode        Option       Uptime Neighbor addr

    lt-0/0/0.11          4 2             HPLGTA      00:31:46 

    root@R1> show interfaces pe-0/0/0.98317

      Logical interface pe-0/0/0.98317 (Index 474) (SNMP ifIndex 689)

        Flags: Up Point-To-Point SNMP-Traps 0x4000


        Encapsulation: PIM-NULL

        Input packets : 0

        Output packets: 0

        Protocol inet, MTU: 1472

        Max nh cache: 0, New hold nh limit: 0, Curr nh cnt: 0, Curr new hold cnt: 0,

        NH drop cnt: 0

          Flags: None

    root@R1> show route logical-system LS

    inet.0: 56 destinations, 56 routes (56 active, 0 holddown, 0 hidden)
    + = Active Route, - = Last Active, * = Both *[Static/5] 26w6d 12:44:00
    > to via lt-1/0/0.11

    Thanks for your help!