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system processes

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  • 1.  system processes

    Posted 04-26-2020 18:50

    Hi all,

    There are login and sshd process below. Can I ask about login is for the telnet sessions and sshd for ssh sessions or?

    What is also different between nanslp and select?

    63510 root 27 0 790M 6276K nanslp 1 0:01 4.30% login
    63488 root 28 0 790M 6276K nanslp 1 0:01 3.47% login
    63404 root 24 0 790M 6280K nanslp 1 0:01 2.78% login
    63477 root 24 0 850M 11604K select 2 0:00 2.59% sshd
    63466 root 24 0 850M 11604K select 3 0:00 2.29% sshd



  • 2.  RE: system processes
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    Posted 04-26-2020 20:18

    Hi Arix,,


    Yes, you are right. process login is seen for telnet and sshd for ssh sessions on the device.


    Coming to the processes nanslp and select, they are actually wait channels on the freebsd kernel waiting for a certain task to complete for various threads in the kernel such as read/write operations, waiting for inputs etc.


    select: waiting for an event to trigger on a file descriptor via system calls, usually a socket.

    nanslp: waiting for a specified amount of time to pass.


    You can refer to for more information on these Freebsd wait channels.


    Hope this helps.


    Thanks and Regards,

    Pradeep Kumar M


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