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l2circuit encapsulation ethernet-ccc

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  • 1.  l2circuit encapsulation ethernet-ccc

    Posted 11-04-2008 05:34


    When I try to use an entire ethernet port (m7i) for a l2vpn circuit, the session will never goes up.

    It says that no hardware is present on the CE side.

    Should it be possible to use entire port?

    The hardware guide has only reference to vlan encapsulation.


    etxnreg@junm7iASP-a# show interfaces
    fe-0/0/2 {
        encapsulation ethernet-ccc;


    etxnreg@junm7iASP-a# show protocols l2circuit
    neighbor {
        interface fe-0/0/2.0 {
            virtual-circuit-id 1001;



    etxnreg@junm7iASP-a# run show l2circuit connections   
    Layer-2 Circuit Connections:

    Legend for connection status (St)  
    EI -- encapsulation invalid      NP -- interface h/w not present  
    MM -- mtu mismatch               Dn -- down                      
    EM -- encapsulation mismatch     VC-Dn -- Virtual circuit Down   
    CM -- control-word mismatch      Up -- operational               
    VM -- vlan id mismatch           CF -- Call admission control failure
    OL -- no outgoing label          XX -- unknown
    NC -- intf encaps not CCC/TCC
    CB -- rcvd cell-bundle size bad

    Legend for interface status 
    Up -- operational           
    Dn -- down                  
        Interface                 Type  St     Time last up          # Up trans
        fe-0/0/2.0(vc 1001)       rmt   NP  






  • 2.  RE: l2circuit encapsulation ethernet-ccc
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    Posted 11-06-2008 02:06
    etxnreg@junm7iASP-a# show interfaces fe-0/0/2 { encapsulation ethernet-ccc; should be like below: etxnreg@junm7iASP-a# show interfaces fe-0/0/2 { encapsulation ethernet-ccc; unit 0 { family ccc; }

  • 3.  RE: l2circuit encapsulation ethernet-ccc

    Posted 04-09-2018 03:31

    Hi mate,


    You just saved my life 🙂