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And once again MX Licensing

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  • 1.  And once again MX Licensing

    Posted 10-16-2018 10:11

    Dear Folks,


    I'm looking for licensing information about the MX5/80 routers and seems like Juniper changed the licensing model again.


    Do I understand it right that the only possibility to get the built-in 10G XFP ports unlocked on an MX5 Router is to upgrade to an MX40 through MX5-40-UPG? So there is no "smaller option"?

    For example only a license to activate the first 10G XFP ports or in another scenario only a further MIC-Slot?

    According to the datasheet on the Juniper website and other tools, they say that the built-in 10G XFP ports are available already on with the MX40-Model.


    As far as I remember right, the 10G ports were unlocked on the previous versions only MX80 so now I'm wondering what will happen to these older versions. Will the older customer's get the access to the two of the four built-in ports through a software update or how does it work?


    Or I am completely wrong on this?

    Thank you guys!

  • 2.  RE: And once again MX Licensing
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    Posted 10-16-2018 14:02

    The licensing scheme on MX5->MX10->MX40->MX80 was introduced back in 2013/2014 so nothing new 🙂


    You have the option to upgrade an MX5 to an MX10 allowing for usage of the second MIC slot. In this slot you can install a two port 10G XFP MIC (MIC-3D-2XGE-XFP).


    Only way to get the onboard XFP ports functional is to upgrade to either MX40 or MX80 with 2 or 4 active ports.

    There is no option to only upgrade with one XFP port.


    You will get a license upgrade key changing the behaviour of the chassis which allows activation of the onboard ports or second MIC slot.


    Initially the first shipments of MX5/MX10/MX40 were actually just MX80 chassis without builtin limitations... this doesn't mean you were allowed to use them anyway. If you originally received a MX80 chassis this will not change during software upgrades.


    A last comment; If you down own the MX5 today, I will suggest that you look at the the MX104-MX5 bundle which is a MX104 including one MIC for the same price as the original MX5.


    MX104-40G-AC-BNDL is also an option where two of the onboard SFP+ ports are active and two MIC slots are available for further expansion.


    I hope this clarifies a bit, let me know if you need more information 🙂