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MPLS - RSVP/LDP Question

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  • 1.  MPLS - RSVP/LDP Question

    Posted 12-20-2017 01:27
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    Hi all,


    Given the topology I am using for our small ISP Data Network (see attached diagram), could someone please recommend:


    There is only, currently, ever going to be one route for the traffic to follow that enters via the L2TP tunnel (LNS).... We will only have the two core routers connected by an ae group. There will be no JVC as currently the cost of a license outweighs our needs (we can accept the hit that may occur and once the network grows we can then review the options)....


    So, with that and MPLS in mind, what would be the best options from a label perspective to use? (RSVP or LDP)?


    We may, in the future, offer MPLS solutions and other solutions but currently, as a starter, this will be basic DSL or FTTC connectivity, so PPPoA and then PPPoE...... I am not sure we really require RSVP currently, but what about for the future?





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    Posted 12-20-2017 01:44

    RSVP is basically used for traffic engineering purpose where you explicitly want to define the traffic path, FRR etc. In your case, you have only 2 core routers and there’s no need of rsvp.

    However, you can configure both RSVP and LDP in your box. There’s no harm in that.


    you can refer to below post as well