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Understanding trunk connections

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  • 1.  Understanding trunk connections

    Posted 12-14-2017 07:45

    I have an SRX300 that is connected to a managed switch (Hirschmann RS-20). There are 2 VLANs plus management (1, 2, 3) set up in the RS-20. The IP address of the RS20 is in the VLAN2 subnet. When I have the physical interface ge-0/0/1 set up as access in the SRX, I can ping and access the UI for the RS20. If I change access to trunk, I lose ability to ping and load the UI. Because I have 2 VLANs in use in the RS20, I need 2 VLANs set up in the SRX, and thus it is my understanding I need trunk not access (you can't assign more than 1 VLAN in access). I'm clueless why changing this one setting access to trunk breaks ICMP. This is what I think should work:

        ge-0/0/1 {
            description TRUNK;
            unit 0 {
                family ethernet-switching {
                    interface-mode trunk;
                    vlan {
                        members [ FIELD SUB ] ;

    I also have the IRB interfaces set, and the vlans as l3-interface irb.

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    Posted 12-14-2017 08:10

    Looks like VLAN2 is configured on RS20 as a native vlan. You have do the same on SRX.


    Regards, Wojtek

  • 3.  RE: Understanding trunk connections

    Posted 12-14-2017 09:33


    set interfaces ge-0/0/1 native-vlan-id 2

    did the trick. Thanks!