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  • 1.  LACP

    Posted 08-26-2021 12:55

    I have a question when i create an EA interface does it require LACP or not?


  • 2.  RE: LACP

    Posted 08-26-2021 13:14
    Hi gxs,

    Only if the peer is also using LACP. Otherwise a static AE (LAG) can be formed without LACP as well.

  • 3.  RE: LACP

    Posted 08-26-2021 13:20
    Thank you for the quick response i appreciate it.

    Is there any benefits of using LACP versus static AE?

  • 4.  RE: LACP

    Posted 08-26-2021 20:09
    You can have aggregation with LACP or without it (Static or Mode On in other vendors). With LACP you have certain benefits, including the interface logical MUX that contains bits to indicate when an interface is aggregated, whether it is in sync between the actor and partner, and whether the interface is ready to send traffic or not via the usage of the distribution and collector bits, further more you also have keepalives that are sent to a certain rate (slow or fast) in order to detect any member getting de-aggregated.

    Using the static  means a 'force' or 'manual'  mechanism that will create and aggregate the interfaces/members according to the administrator specification.