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Influence DF Election for ESI on QFXs

  • 1.  Influence DF Election for ESI on QFXs

    Posted 02-27-2021 21:58

    I have a scenario where I have 2, but could end up being 3 leaves(leaf switches) that will belong to the same ESI.  I want to be able to control which of one of these 2(or3) leaves will be the elected DF(designated forwarder).  I know on the MXs, there is a knob that allows for changing the DF election algorithm from mod5 to being preference based that I've tested  and it works, but on the QFX's this knob does not exist.  How can I influence the DF election process on the QFXs?  I've read over the RFCs on this as well as the EVPN Guide which can be found here:


    Thanks in advance to any insight provided!!

  • 2.  RE: Influence DF Election for ESI on QFXs

    Posted 02-28-2021 21:47

    As per the below documentation this feature for preference based DF election is only supported on the MX platforms.


    I think by setting up the lowest IP address (which will be elected automatically as the DF) on the leaf and subsequent ip addresses on other leafs to influence the DF election.

    Hope this helps