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Root prevention in Static VXLAN on MX5

  • 1.  Root prevention in Static VXLAN on MX5

    Posted 01-29-2021 17:13
    Hi everybody,
    In VXLAN  BGP EVPN,  DR,  ES helps us prevent loop  from BUM traffic.   I am wondering how do we prevent BUM traffic from looping in  Static VX LAN i.e no control plane learning of  MAC via BGP.
    For example:
    PC1 is multihomed to PE1 and PE2.  We are not using BGP EVPN, PE1 , PE2 and PE3 are configured with STATIC VX LAN where they learn MAC addresses from data plane forwarding.
    This is my understanding:
    Let say PC2 sends ARP for, which is  replicated by PE3 to PE1 and PE2.  Since we are using Static VX LAN,  therefore PE1 and PE2  can not hold election DR, therefore,  both PE1 and PE2 sends the ARP on access ports connected to SW, this  ARP will be received by PC1, PE1, PE2 again from access port , PE1 and PE2 will replicate this ARP to PE3 and  to each other on over L3 Cloud, thus creating a loop.

    If above is true, then we do not have  loop prevention  against BUM traffic in  Static VXLAN?

    Thanks and have a good weekend!!

  • 2.  RE: Root prevention in Static VXLAN on MX5

    Posted 02-02-2021 02:55

    For Juniper there is limited use case for the static VXLAN. One of the supported use case is given in the link below

    Also the configuration for a multihomed edge device is different in static VXLAN as compared to BGP EVPN.