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ERP on ex2300 switches randomly discarding on all ports and affecting traffic

  • 1.  ERP on ex2300 switches randomly discarding on all ports and affecting traffic

    Posted 05-29-2021 05:53
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    Hello All, 

    Network diagram attached. ( not all switches in the ring participate in the ERP )

    We have ring made up of mix juniper switches (Ex2300 , Ex4550 and Ex4200). Its an ERP ring plugged to VPLS on juniper MX480 routers.
    ERP was not available on 2300 switches but after version 18.2 it become available. so we have 2300 running 18.2 while the non-ELS 4200/4500 running 12.3 release.
    for some reason, randomly one of the switches starts to discard on both ports affecting traffic.  some times ring-owner doesn't unblock RPL-end when there is outage on the downstream switches. we feel the ERPS communication isnt happening properly or the OLD switches are not interpreting it well or there is something we doing wrong in our setup. 

    kindly help us understand where this random behavior is coming from. we have a lot of rings with ex-2200 switches and we have not encountered this behavior (some switch in the ring  discarding where it should be or ring owner not opening up all ports when failure happens). this situation is not the norm as most of the time ring behaves well and Ring-owner does unblock when issue arises in the ring. 

    Will it be better to maybe run RSTP instead of ERP ?