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Load balancing across VCP links

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  • 1.  Load balancing across VCP links

    Posted 02-06-2021 00:28

    If I have two switches connected by two VCP links into a Virtual Chassis, will inter-switch traffic be forwarded across both VCP links or only one?


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    Posted 02-06-2021 01:41
    Hi Deepak,

    Both links will load balance traffic acting as a lag interface, below you can find more information,

    You can configure optical uplink ports into Virtual Chassis ports (VCPs) that connect EX Series or QFX series switches together to form a Virtual Chassis. When you configure multiple uplink port VCPs connecting the same two member switches, those ports automatically form a LAG if the ports are configured to operate at the same link speeds. Each LAG is assigned a positive-integer identifier called a trunk ID. Up to 8 redundant VCP links can form a VCP LAG connecting two members in a Virtual Chassis, depending on the number of available ports that can be VCPs.

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  • 3.  RE: Load balancing across VCP links

    Posted 02-06-2021 23:57
    Thanks Jeff!