• 1.  VX DESIGN question

    Posted 18 days ago

    Hi everybody,

    We have  40 sites all connected over PTP WAN via SRX which are acting as PE, These SRX are running OSPF and advertising their LAN subnets into OSPF, thus allowing all branches talk to each other.

    For illustration, purpose, only three sites are shown :

    We have two new data centers with VM mobility as design requirements, we are using VXLAN BGPEVPN  to provide VM mobility.   DC1 and DC2 are using QFX5100 as PE.

    Both DC PE are extending vlan 22,vlan 32 across  WAN(XO) using VXLAN BGP EVPN 

    Currently, all branches can not talk to DC, but the plan is to connect all branches to DC1/DC2 over WAN ( XO) so branches can have communication with DC1 and DC2 as well.

    For illustration purpose, only branch1 connections to XO WAN is shown below:

    Our issue:

    Since SRX is being used at branch 1, therefore it can not join existing VXLAN BGP EPN because SRX does not support VXLAN BGPEVPN.

    The only I can think of is to get rid of VXLAN BGPEVPN  at DC1 /DC2 and use BGPEVPN (RFC 7432) between DC1/DC2 and branch1 SRX. 

    Is there any simpler, better  way can we achieve the goal  using SRX as  PE at branch1:

    Branch1 LAN should be able to talks VMS  at DC1/DC2, regardless of VM 's current location?

    Thanks and have a good weekend!!