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  • 1.  EX9200 Chassis Midplane

    Posted 08-13-2021 10:37

    Hi everyone,

    According to Pricelist,
    there are three different types of EX9200 Chassis option.
    3A,3B, 3C are those.

    I understand the diffrences about RE types and SF types.
    But how about the midplane?

    1. Is there any difference in midplane? (which is ex9200-bp and ex9200-bp3 in CLI)

    I expect ex9200-bp is standard midplane and ex9200-bp3 is enhanced one.

    Say, if I order EX9214-BASE3B-AC, i'll receive Chassis with RE2 and SF2.
    2. What about midplane? Will it be bp3?

    And is there any difference in compatibility of bp and bp3 with line cards? (like, EX9200-15C, which only can be compatible with SF3)
    I speculate only bp3 can work with EX9200-15C, with full capacity.

    3. Then, can ex9200-bp (the standard one) work with EX9200-15C and SF3?

    I wanna know EX9200 midplane's compatibility details.