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mac addresses missing on WAP port

  • 1.  mac addresses missing on WAP port

    Posted 09-09-2021 05:37
    Recently installed EX2300-48MP switches at a site.  There are about 35 Cisco 3700 series access points connected to the switches.  Previously there was EX3300-48P models which are coming to EOL within a few years so replaced as per our corporate policy.

    It seems that only on these MP model switches that the mac addresses are missing on the access ports connected to the WAP's only the mac for the AP itself is listed.  I don't use mac address limiting.  Spanning tree(RSTP) and storm control are not in effect.

    I used the same software version on these as I did on EX3400/2300 non-MP models, 20.2R3-S1.3. 

    Checking a EX3400-48P switch at another site with same model WAP's the full list of mac addresses are visible, as in WAP & clients connected to said WAP.  Same config other than VLAN's and port configuration.

    I've never used multigig switches before.  Setting the port to 1g speed rather than auto made it worse.  Devices connected to the WAP's are getting poor signal strength even though distance to WAP hasn't changed and speed is slower than it was prior to hardware changeover.