Need to display vlans hidden in Q-in-Q configuration

  • 1.  Need to display vlans hidden in Q-in-Q configuration

    Posted 02-10-2021 23:31
    I am using a simple Q-in-Q configuration on EX-2300-C switches.  All client trafic is connected to port ge-0/0/0 , vlans 1 to 4094 get tagged/untagged  with QinQ vlan 3918, and interface ge-0/0/11 is connected to the service side. The only vlan travelling from one switch port 11 to another switch port 11 is 3918. 
    my problem is that when I do a show ethernet-switching table, what is displayed is the 3918 vlan only.  How can I have the switch display the vlans being double tagged by the 3918 vlan-id ? 
    # show interfaces ge-0/0/0  
    description ReseauBiblio-3918-QinQ_ACTIF;
    link-mode full-duplex;
    encapsulation extended-vlan-bridge;
    unit 3918 {
        vlan-id-list 1-4094;
        input-vlan-map push;
        output-vlan-map pop;
        family ethernet-switching {
            storm-control default;
    # show interfaces ge-0/0/11    
    mtu 1538;
    unit 3918 {
        vlan-id 3918;
        family ethernet-switching;
    # show vlans 
    QinQ-3918 {
        interface ge-0/0/11.3918;
        interface ge-0/0/0.3918;

    Michel Lapointe