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EX9200 virtual environment

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  • 1.  EX9200 virtual environment

    Posted 07-29-2018 03:06

    hello Junos


    dose juniper have a tool or virtual environment i can use or even rent that support ex9200 and MC-LAG to practice in?

  • 2.  RE: EX9200 virtual environment

    Posted 07-29-2018 06:51

    The virtual QFX platform would be your best bet for this.  You can download the vQFX from the support site.




    If your account is not authorizied for it already, open an admin support case with the url requesting access for demo download.


  • 3.  RE: EX9200 virtual environment

    Posted 07-29-2018 10:44

    thanks Steve for your feedback, i did what you suggest but somehow the xe intterface wont appear

    root@vqfx-re> show chassis fpc pic-status

    root@vqfx-re> show chassis fpc
                         Temp  CPU Utilization (%)   CPU Utilization (%)  Memory    Utilization (%)
    Slot State            (C)  Total  Interrupt      1min   5min   15min  DRAM (MB) Heap     Buffer
      0  Empty           
      1  Empty           
      2  Empty           
      3  Empty           
      4  Empty           
      5  Empty           
      6  Empty           
      7  Empty           
      8  Empty           
      9  Empty           



    its been like this since an hour or so


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    Posted 07-30-2018 08:43

    @aash - I might suggest that VMX would be a better option for this, as MX and EX9200 are very similar products.  Juniper does not have VEX SW, but VMX might be easier to use as this is a released product, with documentation and such, while VQFX is still non-productized.  You can get VMC 60-day trial at:




    Good luck.

  • 5.  RE: EX9200 virtual environment

    Posted 08-10-2018 07:52

    hey rccpgm


    im following this pdf to make the MC-LAG configuration but there is something i didnt get



    in the page 33

    set protocols iccp peer backup-liveness-detection backup-peer-ip


    the ip is it point to point FXP0 ip or what? and should i advirtise it by ospf


    2nd question


    set interfaces irb unit 100 family inet address arp mac 00:1f:12:b6:6f:f0


    what command to show me that needed mac, show int irb ex?


    and i really appreciate your assistance


  • 6.  RE: EX9200 virtual environment

    Posted 08-11-2018 03:19

    You might also be interested in the newly released Juniper vLab for free online lab access.