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Successor to EX3300 - EX3400 Questions

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  • 1.  Successor to EX3300 - EX3400 Questions

    Posted 11-08-2018 06:08

    I wanted to reach out and quickly pick the collective brain of the community. We plan on putting together a learning center on our school campus comprised of trailers while our permanent Middle School is being built.


    I thought to stick with the successor to the EX3300 switches we currently have. To me, it looks like there are 2 offerings that are comparable. One being the 3400 and the other the 4200. It seems like the 3400 is the more similar model…less the front panel display. It has the 4 sfp+ 10G ports up front and 2 qsfp+ in the back. For a virtual chassis stack, you would use the qsfp+ ports correct? And the 4 sfp+ ports would also be fully available even if the back ports are in use?……would you agree that this is the “new” iteration of the EX300 ?? And is this model fairly young in it’s life cycle ??

    Another consideration for is PIM and IGMP Snooping-- we would need PIM on our routed "core switch stack" and IGMP snooping on the "access" L2 switches. Would we need a feature package to use PIM? And IGMP as well?? 

    Also, sharing any glaring differences in the config, or snafus you've encountered are welcome.


    Thanks….look forward to your responses!……Dennis

  • 2.  RE: Successor to EX3300 - EX3400 Questions

    Posted 11-08-2018 06:46

    We have a some stacks of 3400.


    seem ok.

    CLI is faster than 3300 but not as fast as ex4300, if you can afford it , try the ex4300 ( 4x10 is additonal module/cost) but way faster piece of kit.

    We are on 15.1X53-D58.3 and for what we are doing seems to be the most stable so far.  Although D59 is recommended by JTAC.

    We are using QFSP and SFP+ as virtual chassis ports as we dont have huge demand of interswitch bandwidth.

    as for PIM/IGMP, we dont use them on these platforms.



  • 3.  RE: Successor to EX3300 - EX3400 Questions
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    Posted 11-08-2018 06:48

    #1, I would think whomever (Juniper Partner) you would be purchasing these switches through (maybe the same people you purchased your EX3300 from?) would be able to answer all of your questions, quite easily.  Anyway, 


    Yes, EX3400 is the next-gen model of the EX3300.  The next-gen models of EX run slight modified version of Junos CLI, referred to as ELS.  So if you use CLI, there will be minor differences, mainly around use of IRB vs vlan.0 for L3 IP.  There is a new Day One book covering the next-gen switches which notes the differences.


    At this time, for new purchases where specific product and SW certification is not a requirement (think SP's), Juniper recommends purchasing the newer model switches, which have following advantages:


    1.  Can support newer SW code releases.  Older (legacy) EX switches are capped at version 15.1 code, with most deployments still running (very stable) 12.3 [R12-S?] code stream.

    2.  New models are generally priced lower!

    3.  New models have 40GE/QSFP+ interfaces, which can be used for either VC connections or uplinks.

    4.  Specifically to EX3400 (vs EX3300), the EX3400 supports dual power supplies.  Both come with built-in 10GE uplink ports.


    NOTE:  The newer models and the older models do NOT VC together!  You can not add an EX3400 into an existing EX3300 VC.


    In general, EX3400 is most likely the new model of choice for L2 Closet deployments, while EX4300 still remains a viable Closet choice, is more likely to be used in DC for 1GE connections.  EX4300 has more 40GE interfaces (6 vs 4) than EX3400.  On www.juniper.net under switching poducts, you can find a page that will allow for direct product comparison. 


    EX4200 is also an older legacy EX switch.  Its next-gen replacement is EX4300, which now has 3 different model types - T (no POE), P (POE+) and MP (Multi-Gig capable plus POE++).  Again, EX4200 and EX4300 can NOT VC together.


    As for license question, there is a change from older legacy EX to next-gen models.  The original EX switch provide L3 (outside of static) in the Base; the new models are L2 only in Base.  If you want L3, that a license is needed.  IGMP-Snooping (L2) is in the BASE!  This is a point of confusion for all.  To just run L2 IGMP-Snooping on any EX Access product, no extra license is needed.  To run L3 PIM, yes an extra license is needed.


    Just FYI to all, but is very likely within next 6 months, potentially much sooner, End of Sale (there is always a 6 month last buy window from announcement date) of the legacy EX switches (EX4200/EX3300/EX2200) will be announced.

  • 4.  RE: Successor to EX3300 - EX3400 Questions

    Posted 11-08-2018 08:54


    Believe me, it would be much harder to get the comprehensive and acurate information you so kindly provided me here from our reseller.... So thank you very much for this!!

  • 5.  RE: Successor to EX3300 - EX3400 Questions

    Posted 11-08-2018 09:01

    NP -:)

  • 6.  RE: Successor to EX3300 - EX3400 Questions

    Posted 11-08-2018 11:15

    "EX4300 has more 40GE interfaces (6 vs 4) than EX3400"

    Actually it is 4 (T models) vs 2


    "the new models are L2 only in Base"

    Actually IPv4 RIP is included in base license, so EX3400 is "L3 Lite" rather than pure L2

  • 7.  RE: Successor to EX3300 - EX3400 Questions

    Posted 11-08-2018 11:43



    Thanks...yes, I did notice that in the datasheet -- that RIP and Static routing is in the base. We still need the PIM so...

    Again,,,thanks for clarifying...