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EX4600 warranty and SFPs

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  • 1.  EX4600 warranty and SFPs

    Posted 07-05-2020 11:07

    Hello all,

     Hope All is well, I need to assure from the below if any one could help.

    - Does EX 4600 come with no ports , in other words ( 48 port  empty ) we shall order separaetly the SFPs which required ?

    - Does any Juniper switch come by default with a life time warranty without purchasing its SVC ( Support) or the warranty only  included in its support ?


    Thanks ..


  • 2.  RE: EX4600 warranty and SFPs

    Posted 07-05-2020 15:08

    Just got a few 4600's myself...


    Yes, all the ports are empty. You will need to buy additional SFPs to match the cabling that you want to run (eg DAC cables, SFM, MMF, RJ45, whatever).


    I'm not aware of any lifetime warranty switches. They're rare for any vendor.

    You will get hardware warranty without a support contract, but the support contract is required for troubleshooting beyond hardware faults.

  • 3.  RE: EX4600 warranty and SFPs
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    Posted 07-06-2020 07:29

    As @Luke stated, the EX4600 is a fiber switch, which means it additional SFP optics to make any interface workable.  The Base unit contains 24 SFP+ ports (accept either 1GE or 10GE optics) and 4 x QSFP 40 GE interfaces.  There are also 2 x expansion slots.  Expansion modules are either 8 x SFP+ or 4 x QSFP.  Any of the QSFP ports, either the 4 on the base or via optional expansion slot, can be channelized and provide 4 x 10GE instead of 1 x 40G.  This is done by a combination of configuration and using the proper 40GE Optic which provides for 4 x 10GE channelization.


    The EX2200/3300/4200 (all now End of Sale) and the newer generation EX2300/3400/4300 (inlcuding MP versions) switches all have Limited Lifetime Warrenty Support (LLWS) which covers both HW and SW download support.  This is included free with any switch purchase.  The HW support is next-day ship.  What is not covered is any TAC support.  TAC support on top of LLWS can be purchased via CORE support; requires min of 10 units of any specific model.  Any other service contract such as ND (next-day arrive) or SD (same day arrive) includes TAC as well as specific HW support.


    Please note that only switches purchased via an authorized Juniper re-sellers (i.e. non-Gray market) are allowed any level of support.  Non-authorized purchased are void of LLWS, or ability to additionally add any level of support.

  • 4.  RE: EX4600 warranty and SFPs

    Posted 07-06-2020 14:06

    Thanks alot  

  • 5.  RE: EX4600 warranty and SFPs

    Posted 07-07-2020 05:16

    A couple of comments are needed for @rccpgm's post;


    * LLWS support is always "return to factory" where you need to return the defective unit before a new one is shipped. If advanced replacement is needed an active support contract with "Next Day" (ND) or better SLA.

    This pdf describes LLWS in details: https://support.juniper.net/support/pdf/warranty/990235.pdf


    * You can still buy CORE support for on switch on LLWS - the 10 units which is referred to is the "site support" where support per unit is lower than buying support for an individual switch.


  • 6.  RE: EX4600 warranty and SFPs

    Posted 07-07-2020 11:00

    Many thanks for the update and corrections.