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EX4600 interface naming?

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  • 1.  EX4600 interface naming?

    Posted 11-28-2017 11:58

    In several weeks we will take delivery of two EX4600s to replace two EX4500's at the core of our network. I want to get a jump on the layout of the interfaces before these switches arrive. This is what I do know

        - Each EX4600 comes with 24 SFP+ ports

        - We are adding two 8 port expansion modules to each switch

        - We are adding two DACBO cables to each switch. These breakout two of the 40Gbe ports into a total of eight 10GBe

        - These two switches will be in a virtual chassis by connecting two of their QSFP+ ports

    What I am not sure of are the interface names. The 24 SFP+ ports seem straight forward using Media-SwitchInStack/0/PortNumber

    Port numbers range between 0 and 23

    For example, xe-0/0/10

    What I am not sure of are the interface names for the two expansion modules, the DACBO cabling, or the QSFP+ ports connected to form the virtual chassis. I have read these two articles multiple times and am still confused



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    Posted 11-28-2017 13:10

    Assuming this is first unit in the VC (member 0), the 0/0/0-0/0/23 are the 24 1/10 SFP/SFP+ interfaces.  The 4 x 40GE would be 0/0/24-0/0/27.  When you channelize these ports are named 0/0/26:0 - 0/0/26:3. See:




    I would suggest you use 1st 2 QSFP+ (24 & 25) for VC connections, as by default this come enabled as VCP interfaces. 


    Run show virtual-chassis status to see this.


    The first expansion slot is PIC 1, 0/1/0-0/1/7, and 2nd expansion is PIC 2, 0/2/0-0/2/7.





  • 3.  RE: EX4600 interface naming?

    Posted 11-28-2017 13:18

    Thank you, the exact information I was looking for