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Assigning ports to Vlan

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  • 1.  Assigning ports to Vlan

    Posted 05-27-2019 11:47

    Hi every one.


    Let say we have following requirements;


    Define vlan v20, assign port ge-0/0/1 as access port


    1) Option:

    set vlans v20 interface ge-0/0/1 vlan-id 20

    2) Option:

    Set vlans v20 vlan-id 20

    set interface ge-0/0/1 unito family ethernet switching vlan member v20

    Is there any benefit using option 2 over option 1?



    Case B:

    Define vlan v20, assign port ge-0/0/1 as trunk port.

     Is it possible to do that using only vlans heirachy ?


    Thanks and have a good day!!


















  • 2.  RE: Assigning ports to Vlan
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    Posted 05-27-2019 15:22

    hello Sara



    there is no clear advantage, during my years I have seen people that do it under vlans so they can see the ports assigned to a vlan at the same time, but you can do >show vlans and it will give you the same result.

    when using vlan tagging it is usually necessary to visit this hierarchy but that is largely depending on your setup and preferences.



    it is not possible, you have to define port-mode/interface-mode trunk on the interfaces hierarchy. this can also be done with interface ranges but again is just an extension of the same, it falls under interfaces cathegory.


    hope that helps!