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Spanning Tree config with Routing Instances?

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  • 1.  Spanning Tree config with Routing Instances?

    Posted 12-11-2018 11:40

    I have VSTP confiured on a EX4600 that has multiple routing instances.  I have VSTP configrued at what I assume is the global switch level (ie "edit protocols vstp") and it appears to be working fine.  However, I have just noticed that there is also the capability to configure spanning tree within routing instances by using "edit routing-instance <instance name> protocols vstp".


    What is the difference between configuring STP at the global switch level vs configuring within the routing instance?   Am I configuring STP wrong, should I be configuring under the routing instances?

  • 2.  RE: Spanning Tree config with Routing Instances?
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    Posted 12-11-2018 20:45


    Spanning Tree configuration is supported only for Routing Instances of "type virtual-switch" or "type layer2-control".

    And those instances are for advanced use cases such as :

    1/"layer2-control" instance is the "access circuit-facing control plane" for VPLS (which means it runs STP towards access circuit/AC only and never injects STP BPDU into VPLS core and also provides stitching of STP AC state to VPLS signaling)


    2/ virtual-switch instance allows segmenting Your L2 network into separate subdomains where VLAN-ids can overlap between subdomains (i.e. VLAN-id 100 on ge-0/0/0 inside virtual-switch vS1 is totally separate from VLAN-id 100 on ge-1/0/0 inside virtual-switch Vs2, without any VLAN rewrite)






  • 3.  RE: Spanning Tree config with Routing Instances?

    Posted 12-13-2018 13:57

    We are using "virtual router" instance type, so I understand that configuration of STP within routing instance does not apply to us.  Thanks for the info.