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protected ports?

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  • 1.  protected ports?

    Posted 12-27-2009 00:35

    Does anyone know if the EX switches have the capability to be configured to prevent ports on the same vlan from communicating with one another?  an example would be a qurantene VLAN where switch ports of non-compliant machines would be members of and its not desirable to have machines in the qurantened VLAN to talk to one another.

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    Posted 12-27-2009 03:44

     you can do that  using Firewall filters

    example : if you you want to prevent machine-A  from communicating with machine-B  & both are at Vlan-X


    1# define firewall filter :

    SW1# show firewall
    family ethernet-switching {
        filter filter1 {
            term term1 {
                from {

    source-address {

                    destination-address {
                then {



    2# apply the filter to the vlan :

    SW1# set  vlans Vlan-X filter  input  filter1;




    note :  the filter blocks communication from A to  B  (  not from B to A )


  • 3.  RE: protected ports?

    Posted 01-06-2010 06:31

    Thnaks that's exactly what i was looking for.  I suppose you could also automate the process using scripts.  Smiley Surprised

  • 4.  RE: protected ports?

    Posted 11-13-2018 17:28

    I am looking to the same on a QFX. If I have 3 servers and a uplink to a FW for example:


    xe-0/0/0 - Uplink to FireWwall (vlan 100)

    xe-0/0/1 - ServerA (Vlan 100)

    xe-0/0/2 - ServerB (Vlan 100)

    xe-0/0/3 - ServerC (Vlan 100)


    I assume I would need to put a firewall on xe-0/0/1, xe-0/0/2, xe-0/0/3 and for each interface the firewall should only allow ingress packets from the MAC on the device connected xe-0/0/0 (which would be my firewall) or else discard the packet?



  • 5.  RE: protected ports?

    Posted 11-13-2018 17:32

    Sounds like what you want are private vlans or pvlan.




  • 6.  RE: protected ports?

    Posted 11-13-2018 18:06

    Depending upon what model of QFX you have, here are the listing for PVLAN support by model and SW release: