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routing-options NEXT-HOP questions

  • 1.  routing-options NEXT-HOP questions

    Posted 12-26-2020 17:18


    I have an srx300. I need some advice on the next-hop. I obviously have the statement that is generated by default.

    routing-options {
    static {
    route next-hop;

    Some time ago I asked about the setup wizard and how a static ip setup in the wizard asks for a gateway. Incidently the information I input there doesn't ever get placed into the code. Ive confirmed that and my question isnt really why it doesn't get put in(guess I'm learning why), but rather what should be done to mitigate that need. A person suggested the next-hop to me. I agree but need advice.

    1. I'm not a static ip anymore. I'm a dynamic ip now.

    2. The statement above seems fine but this means not having the external gateway anywhere.


    1. Should I leave this as I have it or what should I do?

    Use this?

    routing-options {
    static {
    route next-hop 73.x.x.1;

    Should I do this?

    routing-options {
    static {
    route next-hop [ 73.x.x.1 ];

    Any suggestions?

    Please remember I'm on a dynamic ip.

    Adrian Aguinaga

    B.S.C.M. I.T.T Tech

    A.A.S. I.T.T. Tech

  • 2.  RE: routing-options NEXT-HOP questions

    Posted 12-27-2020 03:03

    Option C: Don't do anything since you're receiving a default gateway with your dynamic IP.

  • 3.  RE: routing-options NEXT-HOP questions

    Posted 12-27-2020 16:05

    Thanks 4 the reply. I was betting that this would be the answer. As others on this site know, changing options have two outcomes. Immediate results, and longer term waiting.

    Now to figure out how to get that gateway in the code somehow.