Minimum internal only IPV6 PD address assignment

  • 1.  Minimum internal only IPV6 PD address assignment

    Posted 04-02-2021 00:27
    I have a basic configuration. The one from the wizard, and a little more.
    I am on an srx550 for this config. 12.xxxx .

    I am on a pure internal config, no egress on this device.

    I have set the ipv6 flow and turned off the alg's.

    My ISP is dynamic and im on a /60, with no NA other than prefix fraffic
    from the NA, i.e. 2001:: . That one is an srx300.

    All my other routers(APs) get an ipv6 address assigned to them.

    What is the minimum statement requirement so the srx550 will
    get the PD address assignment.

    I have set the vlan to an address of fe80::0/64 with eui on.

    What else do i need so it will automatically assign an PD address of 2601
    from the srx300.

    Black is getting addresses and srx550(red) is not.

    My PD address block 2601 /60 is purely from the ISP and server is needed
    but seemingly as more of a match thing.

    Adrian Aguinaga
    B.S.C.M. I.T.T. Tech
    (Construction Management)
    A.A.S. I.T.T. Tech
    (Drafting & Design)