Block Outgoing Ports SRX340

  • 1.  Block Outgoing Ports SRX340

    Posted 11-28-2020 14:31
    Ref: SRX
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    I'm needing to meet a requirement to "block outgoing ports".  Obviously , this won't be all outgoing traffic and some ports will be allowed.  

    In the reference above, it alludes to a process to identify the ports to be denied, I believe.  

    Unfortunately, I don't know where to begin and the referenced post is a bit hard for me to interpret.
    It seems one would need to capture all outgoing ports as a starting point.
    Then decide which ones to block and/or allow.  It seems to me that "allow" would be preferable and then deny the others??
    Then implement the result.
    Guidance would be appreciated!